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  • Magnet poles

    Magnet poles

  • Magnet assembly

    Magnet assembly

  • Test of magnetic performance

    Test of magnetic performance

  • Upper half of 4.5 m long compact magnet system for 1.5 GeV Storage Ring  at MAX IV

    Upper half of 4.5 m long compact magnet system for 1.5 GeV Storage Ring at MAX IV

  • MAX IV 3 GeV Storage Ring

    MAX IV 3 GeV Storage Ring


    Compact magnets for MAX IV

    Magnet systems for extremely bright and compact synchrotron light sources

    On their hunt for ever brighter and more compact synchrotron light sources, the MAX IV designers in Lund, Sweden, made a big leap towards the ultimate, diffraction limited light source. Their approach is based on integrating many magnetic functions into one compact magnet system and hence keeping both the magnetic apertures small and increasing the number of bending magnets around the storage ring. The latter decreases the electron beam emittances and hence the beam sizes while at the same time decreasing the overall real-estate footprint. The former keeps the magnets compact and reduces electrical power and water consumptions. 

    Danfysik has manufactured 60 magnet systems for the 3 GeV MAX IV storage ring and all 12 magnets for each of the 1.5 GeV storage rings at MAX IV and at the new SOLARIS facility being built in Krakow, Poland. Each magnet systems integrates up to 12 separated magnetic functions, like dipoles,quadrupoles, sextupoles and octupoles in one yoke, some of which are machined into the yoke and others are inserted into precision machined mating slots. 

    Machining of the very long 6 tons heavy elements to an absolute tolerance less than 0.02 mm is validated and approved for each magnet through cutting edge measuring techniques. Innovative and ultra-precise magnetic measuring systems validated the magnetic properties of each element and the results were approved by SOLARIS and MAX lab.

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    Standardized and custom Power Supplies

    Danfysik design, manufacture and test power supplies for many accelerator applications.


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