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    Magnets for the new and brighter ESRF storage ring

    Manufacturing and testing of 328 magnets in progress at our new production facility

    As reported in the previous newsletter, the contract for the design, manufacture and test of 132 quadrupole magnets (two types) and 196 sextupole magnets (two types) for the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France was received last year. In the meantime the magnetic and detailed manufacturing design has been completed and prototypes of each  of four magnet types have been manufactured and subsequently undergone detailed magnetic and thermo-mechanical tests.

    The project is now in the production phase at our new series production facility. The magnets will be thoroughly tested and documented and undergo the final factory acceptance before they are shipped in large batches to their final destination in Grenoble. 


    Magnet design is a Danfysik core competence

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